Heart Scan Calcium Score FAQs

Coronary Calcium Score Screening Test

What happens on the day of the test?
No special preparation is necessary.
The test requires lying still for approximately 5 minutes.
There is no IV or dye.
No medications will be administered .
There is no pain or recovery time involved.
Once finished, you may immediately return to all normal activities

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When do I get my results?
Results will be mailed to you the next business day.
If you wish, our office can phone you with the results of your exam.

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What if I have an abnormal Coronary Calcium Screening Exam?
In the event that elevated coronary artery calcium is discovered, Heart Care Centers will advise you on appropriate follow-up and treatment.
This will usually involve modification of cardiac risk factors.
Aggressive control of cholesterol, often with medications.
Aggressive treatment of hypertension and/or diabetes.
Smoking Cessation: Counseling and discussion of medication for cessation.
Consideration of daily aspirin therapy.

Please note that we will not routinely forward the result of this screening examination to your physician.

However, Heart Care Centers will advise you, if needed, to obtain further follow-up and treatment based on your test results.

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