HCCI Physicians Implant New Device to Manage CHF

Posted: 10/16/2015

This week Heart Care Centers of Illinois physicians and nurses implanted a new, state of the art device for the management of congestive heart failure. The dime-sized device is actually a small pressure sensor and is part of the Cardiomems heart failure management system. This device is changing the way doctors and nurses manage congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is a common condition in which the heart is unable to pump blood effectively to the rest of the body. This leads to fluid accumulation, shortness of breath and frequent admissions to the hospital. The first signs of fluid accumulation occur when the organ most closely attached to the heart, the lungs, shows signs of increased pressure. The Cardiomems device is implanted into one of the small blood vessels in the lung. Once in place the device will continuously monitor pressures and alert physicians electronically to rising pressures. This early rise in pressure is the first detectable sign of fluid accumulation. When alerted, providers can treat patients before fluid overload and congestion becomes so significant that breathing becomes difficult or admission to the hospital is required. This device has been shown to reduce the rate of readmission to the hospital and keep patients feeling well for longer periods of time.

If you or your loved one suffers from congestive heart failure please discuss this new therapy with your physician to best determine if this treatment might be acceptable. Heart Care Centers of Illinois physicians are excited and privileged to offer this new therapy to our patients.

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